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Mérida, Yucatán 

100 meters from Hospital Juarez, next to Dondé in front of the Gulf gas station

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Prostasur stands out for having highly trained professionals, cutting-edge technology, a comprehensive approach, communication and empathy, advanced treatments and a special dedication to patient education. We are committed to providing exceptional care and improving the urological health of all of our patients.

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Why choose Prostasur?

At Prostasur, a urology clinic for men, we have specialists who, after performing urology, completed a postgraduate course, with all the specialists having a high specialty. This provides greater preparation and experience as well as better results in the treatment of our patients.

Highly specialized urologists

At Prostasur, a urology clinic for men, we have urologists trained in the oncological area of ​​urology who provide minimally invasive treatments for prostate cancer and kidney cancer.

Oncological urology

The certification in urology provides the security and guarantee to the patient that the urologist has passed the exams and competencies to be able to practice urology. At Prostasur, a urology clinic for men, all urologists are accredited and certified by the Mexican National Urology Council.

Certified urologists

At Prostasur, a urology clinic for men, we have the best technology worldwide for different conditions and diseases such as urinary tract stones, prostate growth, and kidney and prostate cancer. We provide laser surgery, laparoscopic surgery, and robotic surgery under the command of certified specialists for your use.




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Calle 32 #198 x 17 y 21 Col. García Ginerés. A 100 metros del hospital Juárez.


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—How did you find the attention from Prostasur, from the Prostasur team?
“Very good, magnificent.

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"How have you been feeling so far?"
—I have felt very well, in the excellent operation, it exceeded my expectations.

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Emergencies: 9992 79 02 01​
Schedule an appointment: 9995 14 31 65
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Email: info@prostasur.mx

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