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Trouble urinating

Trouble urinating

The group of discomfort with urination in men is called lower urinary tract symptoms or LUTS. It is a group of urinary symptoms caused by an obstruction, infection, or irritation of the urethra, bladder, bladder neck, urinary sphincter, and/or prostate (in men).

Lower urinary tract symptoms can be categorized as storage symptoms or voiding symptoms:

storage symptoms

Most often associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH or enlarged prostate).

Increased number of times to urinate
urinary urgency
Getting up several times to urinate at night

emptying symptoms

Excess prostate tissue can squeeze the urethra and block the normal flow of urine.

– Delay in starting the stream of urine

– Sensation of incomplete emptying of the bladder

– Straining or pushing to urinate

– Weak or thin jet.

– Paused or intermittent urination

– There is dribbling after urinating

– A feeling of incomplete emptying

To treat lower urinary tract symptoms, it is important to correctly diagnose the underlying condition or behavior with urologists specializing in prostate care.

If you experience bothersome urinary symptoms, we recommend that you contact Prostasur’s urologists, we have highly specialized urologists in prostate conditions.

We take care of the prostate at PROSTASUR.

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